Development of the activity plan on grassland maintenance and use of biomass

ikona_13Development of the activity plan on grassland maintenance and use of biomass


Action aims at setting clear framework for activities to ensuring continuous management of biologically valuable and potentially valuable grasslands in the project target areas in Sigulda and Ludza local municipalities. The detailed action plans will be developed for the each pilot area.


Implementation: January 2014 – October 2015


Implemented by: Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia with the involvement of all project partners


The activity plan includes the following parts:

  • Basic information about the ownership structure and management of the grasslands of the both pilot areas, including, historical and present management practices as well as distribution of abandoned fields and stage of spontaneous afforestation at these fields.
  • Biological value and conservation status of the grasslands.
  • Proposal on development of biodiversity supporting grassland network. The network formed of core areas represented by biologically valuable and potentially valuable grasslands and supporting areas (other managed grasslands). The spatial distribution of grasslands analysed by assessing possibilities to ensure ecological connectivity of the core areas.
  • The lists of concrete actions related to particular land properties and defining specific management measures, either restoration or regular mowing to ensure favorite conditions for grassland biodiversity. The actions will be developed in relation to time schedule with the aim to carry out most of them already during the time of the project implementation.
  • Proposal on alternative use options of the biomass harvested during restoration or regular mowing of the grasslands in the pilot areas will be elaborated based on the analysis. This will include biomass processing companies, which potentially could be interested in collection of biomass taking into account timing most favorable for the maintenance of grassland biodiversity.


The development of the Activity Plans also included involvement of important stakeholders from the target areas. Communication to the land owners of the grassland areas forming the biodiversity supporting network was one of priorities during development of the Activity Plans.


The plans are available on the project website, LAT version: Activity plan for Sigulda municipality and Activity plan for Ludza municipality.