Project layman’s report

  In the frame of the project layman’s report prepared with the brief introduction of project’s idea, partners and overview of the main activities and achievements as well as future perspectives.

Report on impact of project activities on grassland habitats

  To ensure maintenance of biologically valuable grasslands, several grassland restoration and management activities has been performed in Sigulda and Ludza municipality within the project. The monitoring activities has been performed to assess the impacts of two grassland management measures – restoration of overgrown habitats and application of biogas production… More »


  The article presents a novel approach to the evaluation of the economic potential of grasslands. The economic potential of grasslands is evaluated by assessing the heat energy potential of grass (both in energy and monetary terms), based on two products – methane (biogas) and grass pellets. This approach… More »

Socio-economic impact monitoring

Study “Economic Analysis study for GRASSSERVICE project: “Monitoring of socio-economic impacts of alternative use of biomass in Sigulda and Ludza municipalities” analyses the socio-economic impacts of the project on the development of pilot areas and on project stakeholders (1st part and 2nd part, in Latvian).   When evaluating the… More »

Action plans for grassland management

Actions plans for grassland management in Sigulda and Ludza municipalities aims at setting clear framework for restoration activities ensuring continuous management if biologically valuable and potentially valuable garsslands in the projects target areas.

Report on biomass resource assessment

Report on biomass resource assessment in Sigulda and Ludza municipalities summarizes key findings of the desk study, mapping and quantitative assessment of biomass and results of economic valuation of biomass resources  within Sigulda and Ludza local municipalities. Report (in Latvian) available here.