International seminar „Sustainable grassland management: biodiversity conservation and alternative uses of grassland biomass” materials” was held on 5-6 November 2014, in Sigulda, Latvia. The goal of the seminar:  to exchange experience between experts and discuss possible and optimum solutions for nature conservation and energy production from biomass obtained in natural and semi-natural grasslands e.g., combustion, production of biogas, biobuthanol as well as high quality forage production. Agenda, presentations and report:


00_Agenda_ 05.-06.11.2014


02_Grasslands of EU importance_S.Rusina

03_Remote sensing_G.Erins

04_Alpine grasslands_M.Badura

05_Lower Saxony grasslands_H.Belting

06_Bioenergy policy in LV_A.Karklins

07_Bioenergy_Estonia_A. Menind


09_Biomass techniques_A. Bull

10_Experience from Poland_D.Gatkowski

11_Biomass for Combustion in ŽBR_A.Pranaitis

12_Maatsalu nature park_L.Kask

13_Utilisation for reeds_A.Zucika

14_Compacted biomass_ A.Kronbergs

15_Grass pellets forage_M.Priede

16_Silute case study_J.Gulbinas

17_Integrated aspects_K.Navickas