Celebrate 25 years of LIFE and the Habitats Directive

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE programme and of the EU Habitats Directive, both approved on 21 May 1992. To recognise their major contribution to the preservation of Europe’s natural heritage, the European Commission together with the European Parliament, the Council and the Committee of the Regions will proclaim 21 May 2017 as ‘European Natura 2000 day’ at a special event in Brussels.

LIFE Nature projects are also invited to take part in the celebrations by organising a project open day on or near to Sunday, 21 May 2017. This invitation applies to completed as well as current projects.

In addition to communicating project activities to relevant stakeholders, local authorities, the public and the media, these project open days should also help inform people about the 25th anniversary and the considerable achievements of EU nature legislation and the LIFE programme. The Habitats Directive created the EU Natura 2000 network of protected areas which also includes the sites designated under the Birds Directive. LIFE Nature projects have played a key role in the implementation of the network and nature conservation in the EU.

LIFE has created a dedicated website to mark the 25th anniversary: www.life-25.eu. Projects that organise open days are invited to register details of their events on www.life-25.eu as soon as possible. Projects that would like a Commission representative to attend should upload their event by 31 March 2017 and email their request to env-life-comm@ec.europa.eu. Projects can download the LIFE and Natura 2000 logos from the toolkit page of the 25th anniversary website: http://life-25.eu/toolkit/.

Further support in the form of media messages and marketing material (flags, brochures, gadgets) for an open day is available by emailing LIFE at: EASME-LIFE-ENQUIRIES@ec.europa.eu