Closing event of the project “Grass for biodiversity and bioenergy: experience and future perspectives”


The closing event of the project – seminar “Grass for biodiversity and bioenergy: experience and future perspectives” was held on November 29-30, 2017, in Riga, Latvia.


The aim of the seminar:

  • to present our LIFE Grassservice project results and share experience with stakeholders on grassland restoration and maintenance issues; on technologies of using grass as alternative energy material;
  • to learn from other countries on grassland restoration and grass biomass use for energy production;
  • to discuss about perspectives and potential of use grass biomass resources to safeguard maintenance of grassland ecosystem in future in the region.


First day of the seminar, November 29, was the plenary with 2 sessions: grass as biodiversity and resource and grass for bioenergy production, concluding with the panel session: are grass biomass based biofuels competitive with traditional fossil and other alternative fuels? Policy synergies and trade-offs: how to ensure the maintenance of grassland biodiversity vs. climate & renewable energy policies? Presentations and Photos.


On the second day, November 30, participants first visited the biobutanol pilot facility at the premises of Riga Technical University and afterwards – biogas pilot facility in Sigulda.  Photos.