Informative seminar in Ludza municipality was held in the frame of the project and there were 53 participants representing project partners, land owners, entrepreneurs, and local inhabitants. Seminar opening words were said by project expert E.Bojārs, Baltic Environmental Forum and then project experts’ presentation were held. After each presentation the discussions… More »


3rd project partners meeting was held in Sigulda. The time plan and further tasks were discussed to set the work plan or 2015.


1st Project advisory board meeting was held in Sigulda and representatives from Ministry of Environment and regional development, Nature Conservation agency, Ministry of Agriculture and other were present. Firstly, participants were introduced with the project, its aims, planned activities and also with the implemented activities within the first year of… More »


International seminar „Sustainable grassland management: biodiversity conservation and alternative uses of grassland biomass” materials” was held on 5-6 November 2014, in Sigulda, Latvia. The goal of the seminar:  to exchange experience between experts and discuss possible and optimum solutions for nature conservation and energy production from biomass obtained in natural and… More »


Project partners visited Lower Saxony, Germany. Delegation visited Dümmer Nature conservation center, wet meadow area Ochsenmoor, dry fermentation plant Prinzhöfte, nature reserve „Bornhorster Huntewiesen” as well as low lands of “Fehntjer Tief”.  


Mr Rolands Ratfelders from the External Monitoring Team for the first time visited project.                            

16/04/2014 – project 1st partners meeting

2nd project partners’ meeting, held in Sigulda and all partners reported on progress in implementation of the project actions as well as agreed on further work plan and co-ordination between the project actions.                  

10/12/2013 – project actions planning meeting

Planning meeting for project actions held in Riga, participated representatives from Baltic Environmental Forum, Latvian Fund for Nature and representatives from Sigulda and Ludza municipalities.                        

29.-30/10/2013 – project’s Kick off meeting

1st project partners’ meeting, held in Sigulda where all partners were present and agreed on schedules for work implementation as well as project administration principles and reporting procedures.