Magazine “Environment for Europeans” published article about the Natura 2000 Awards this year

Six outstanding environmental projects from across Europe collected the EU’s prestigious Natura 2000 Awards this year. Winner of the Communication Award was Latvia’s innovative Nature Concerthall Association, which brings together musicians and scientists to organise free performances on Natura 2000 sites, where audiences also learn about specific habitats and species. Also project LIFE… More »

Notice boards set up in Sigulda and Ludza municipalities

In the frame of the project informative notice boards elaborated and set up in Sigulda and Ludza municipalities in order to introduce about the project as well as about the alternative use of grass biomass. One notice board in roll up format is placed inside of each municipality therefore visitors… More »

Seminar „Sustainable grassland management: biodiversity conservation and alternative uses of grassland biomass” materials

More than  50 participants (representatives from non-governmental organisations, education and research institutes, state administration, municipalities, consulting companies and enterprises from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom) participated in the seminar in order to finf dout more about the possible and optimum solutions for nature conservation and energy production… More »

Invitation to the iternational seminar on sustainable management of grasslands

We kindly invite you to participate in an international seminar „Sustainable grassland management: biodiversity conservation and alternative uses of grassland biomass” to be held on 5-6 November 2014, in hotel “Sigulda”, Pils street 6, Sigulda, Latvia.   The goal of the seminar is to exchange experience between experts and discuss… More »

Project partners visited Lower Saxony, Germany

Study visit was in the time period from September 7 to September 11, 2014. Delegation visited Dümmer Nature conservation center, wet meadow area Ochsenmoor, dry fermentation plant Prinzhöfte, nature reserve „Bornhorster Huntewiesen” as well as low lands of “Fehntjer Tief”

Article about the project in the Ludza local newspaper

In the edition of June, 2014 Ludza local newspaper published the article about the project. Ms. Ilona Igovena not only described the main aims and activities but also invited local land owners to fill the project questionnaire and find out more about the practical involvement in the project activities.

Study visit to Lower Saxony, Germany

In the beginning of September project team will visit the LIFE+ Nature project “Meadow Birds” in order to learn about the grassland management activities as well as visit other projects in this area engaged by processing of grassland biomass.                      … More »