Cooperation with the land owners and entrepreneurs

ikona_22Cooperation with the land owners and entrepreneurs


The activity aims to bring interests of land owners/managers and entrepreneurs together, facilitate communication and establish cooperation among them. The established network stimulates the management of grasslands and prevent them from further deterioration.


Implementation: October 2013 – December 2014 (updated until December 31, 2017)


Implemented by: Sigulda Municipality Council and Ludza Municipality Council


Step 1: Development of a register of local land owners and managers who are in charge of managing grasslands identified as target areas within the action plan. During development of the register, all local land owners/managers of target areas (Sigulda and Ludza municipalities) were be contacted and questioned about their interest and willingness to be actively involved in the project activities as well as further maintenance of the grassland network and harvesting for biomass.


Step 2: Development of the register of entrepreneurs who are/ will be interested in various uses of biomass. Although not as numerous, there are a number of people already involved in production of biofuels (biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel) in Sigulda and Ludza County. Some are willing to open their businesses. At present, their activities mainly concentrate at production of biofuels from crops and manure, grasslands have not been in the scope of their interest, partly also due to lack of information on grass potential. The register contains information on names and contact details of the active/interested entrepreneurs, current biomass processing experiences, locations of production facilities. Similarly to landowners/managers, entrepreneurs were asked, whether they want to be involved in the project activities as well as further participation in the cooperation networking.


Step 3: Negotiations on the management and restoration of the grassland core areas identified in the Activity Plan developed within the project. Taking into account the management needs identified by the Action Plans mutual discussions with landowners were launched to facilitate management of grasslands. Long term agreements with owners of grassland areas, which shall be restored during the project,were signed to ensure continuation of the grassland management after the end of project.


Step 4: Facilitation of the contacts and co-operation among the landowners and entrepreneurs involved in biomass processing. Already during the development of the register the landowners/managers and entrepreneurs interested in cooperation and participation in the project activities were identified. Those people were invited to participate at the informative seminars for the local stakeholders where they could gain more information grassland management and alternative options for use of biomass as well as will had a chance to establish contacts for further grassland management.