Restoration of the grasslands

ikona_21Restoration of the grasslands


The action aims at restoring grasslands in such condition that conventional mowing with a tractor is possible for harvesting biomass. During the development of the Activity Plans the core areas identified where grassland restoration is needed. The restoration is targeted at non-used agriculture land, which has been overgrown by shrubs and trees, reaching up to 10 m height and forming dense stands, as well as invaded by the invasive species giant hogweed Heracleum sosnowsky.


Implementation: January 2015 – July 2017


Implemented by: Ludza municipality and Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia (for restoration works in Sigulda municipality)


Restoration techniques will include:

  • Cutting and removal of trees and shrubs;
  • Removal of stumps of trees and shrubs;
  • Milling the roots of trees and shrubs;
  • Secondary cleaning – cutting browse;
  • Elimination of the invasive species – the giant hogweed by cutting and milling the roots;
  • Primary mowing of the cleared grasslands.


Ludza municipality: 


Restoration works had been implemented (autumn 2015-summer 2016) in the territory between lakes Diunoklis and Mazais Ludzas ezers, in total area 25 h. Restoration techniques included cutting and removal of trees and shrubs; removing of stumps of trees and shrubs as well as milling the roots of trees and shrubs. Some activities were also performed to ensure the spreading the grass seeds. Territory was chosen because of the nice landscape and the area serves as resting place for inhabitants of Ludza. Further the territory will be maintained and managed by Ludza municipality. Pictures from the restorations works in 2015/2016.

Project experts visited the restored territories on May 2017 (pictures) – inhabitants of Ludza can evaluate the beautiful view of lake Diunoklis previously covered by the bushes and trees. Ludza municipality will manage the restored territories in order to keep the value of grasslands.


Sigulda municipality


Restorations works are performed from November 2016 until July 2017. Similarly, as in Ludza – restoration techniques include cutting and removal of trees and shrubs; removal of stumps of trees, shrubs and big stones as well as milling the roots of trees and shrubs and secondary cleaning – cutting browse. Works are performed in 13 land units (incl. private properties, rented areas and state land) with total area 97 h. Land owners and managers had signed the long-term agreement about the maintenance of the restored grasslands at least 10 years period to ensure the sustainable use of performed activities. Pictures from the restoration works, November 2016, pictures from the restoration works, March 2017 and pictures from the restoration works, April and May 2017.